Now before you wonder What WordPress is let me explain you that first WordPress is a CMS.

Gone are the days of only web developers can create and manage complex website. I also used to think so that developing and managing website requires lot of coding and can only be done via professionals. But turns out I was wrong. In this age Applications are developed to save time so that more and more people can create website without writing single line of code. And that application is called CMS(Content Management System) in the world of WWW.

One of the most asked questions on our site from our customers is that on which platfrom we provide website. Our answer always is WordPress. There is absolutely just many reasons for choosing that over other websites. I will get into details of what are the reasons for choosing WordPress. But let’s first see what is my perspective on scenario of Website Development in India. In our country most people want website only because they think of them as necessity for making impression and NOT As TOOL for their Business Success. We are on a mission to change that.

1. Almost 50-60% Global CMS Share Is Of WordPress
2. It’s Open-Source. One of my favourite reason.
3. It’s Easy To Use In Managing the Website even for a person who has never coded in lifetime.
4. Lot’s of Plugins and Themes To Choose From.
5. A Large Community Of People Who Develops Themes and Plugins to Make Our Life Easier.


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