E-Commerce Setup with Mobile App

A hectic lifestyle hardly leaves room for people to visit physical stores. Spending time in traveling or in queues to buy products is not what people prefer. eCommerce offers the opportunity to shop wherever you are and make easy payments for your products with your chosen mode of payment. It gives the power of any time and anywhere shopping to the customers. PromoGent offers fully functional and robust eCommerce setup services with mobile applications.

As of 2018, nearly 53% of web traffic in the world was through mobile phones and this number is only expected to grow. This has led to a rise in demand for functional and attractive mobile apps for e-commerce companies. One of the best ways to grow e-commerce sales is through mobile apps. This is where PromoGent’s eCommerce apps come into the picture.


Our Services

PromoGent offers e-commerce development services and specializes in developing user-friendly apps and quality e-commerce solutions for businesses.

We handle all the key aspects that go into developing an effective e-commerce app:

  • Market Analysis: We conduct thorough research on the target audience and study their behavior and online patterns. This helps our experienced team of developers create an app that best meets the user’s convenience and demands.
  • Analysis of Competition: Having a thorough knowledge of the competition helps us to understand the requirements of the market. We study their methodology and strategies to deliver an app that meets the needs of the market better.
  • Adaptable Technology: As per the requirements of the company, we develop apps to adapt to various platforms and OS. We handle all aspects of the framework, database, and front-end and back-end coding for the app.
  • User Interface: One of the key factors of importance to customers is the user interface. A seamless UI and UX design help us focus on great user experience and ease of use.

Additional Features

In order to ensure enriching user experience, we create feature-rich e-commerce applications that go beyond the basic app setup. These include:

  • Social media integration
  • Payment setup that facilitates payment through various methods
  • The synchronization between web and app platforms
  • Google analytics to develop an in-depth analysis of customer behavior and requirements

PromoGent offers technology-based solutions that keep in mind the requirements of both the company and the consumer.